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Indian classical music is a very rich and beautiful tradition of music that goes backover 3,500 years.

Over the millennia, it has evolved into two distinct schools - the Hindustani school,

which is prevalent in North India, and the Carnatic school, which is prevalent in South India. The two are quite similar on a fundamental level, but have evolved to develop distinct styles over the centuries.
This website mainly focuses on the North Indian or Hindustani school of Indian classical music.
This website provides the information about the Indian Classical Music and updates
of events/ concerts of Indian Classical Music in Mumbai city which can really help to
the seeker of Indian Classical Music & Ardent lover of Indian Classical Music.


Sagar Pitroda

"I'm Sagar Pitroda, and I adore Indian classical music because it allows me to witness the beauty of our rich Indian culture, spirituality, and connects my soul to the divinity"

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